Doupě DVD

An engine for DVD autorun menu for the DVDs attached to the magazine Doupě. Doupě is (was) a magazine about computer games, the attached DVDs usually contained installable game demos, full games, videos, screenshots, latest drivers and other supplementary material. The engine provides full access to these materials, i.e. it can start installation of the games and applications, run and uninstall the installed applications, it contains an image viewer and it is capable of video playback. Moreover, the engine is fully compatible with Windows 98 and all later versions.

The engine was created as an universal platform for creating DVD menus - all data (the list of game demos, videos, screenshots, …) are supplied in a XML-based hierarchical database, and they are completely separated from the code of the application. Also the layout of the autorun menu (i.e. the design, screens and the definition of the structure of the database) is completely configurable - the autorun menu can be completely re-designed without changing the actual code of the engine.

So far, the engine is/was used by the magazines Doupě and Jak na počítač. The graphics and the design for the menu was created by Michal Acler.