Projekt 5410

Projekt 5410 is a 2.5D scrolling shooter game, inspired by games like Xenon II: Megablast or Raptor: Call of the Shadows. By the time we started thinking about the game, there were almost no new games of that genre. We decided to create our own, re-create the classical gameplay by using new technologies, such as 3D hardware acceleration.

This is a game that goes through the whole history of Trion team - it was the first game planned by the team back in 1999. And while we never did officially announce the end of the project or demise of the team, there was very little activity since 2004. Though the project is far from finished, we got quite far, having an almost complete engine that supports most features required by the game:

What we lacked was a rigid game design, and we never had a reasonable design document. We had a strong idea of what the game should look like, but it proved to be hard to transfer to other people, when Tom Jukl (responsible for graphics and most of design) went to army service and mostly stopped working on the game.

We’ve created a few demos, that can be downloaded from the Trion team web site. There’s a much more complete unofficial version I’ve used as a school project with Michal Tuálček, Maroš Kasinec and Peter Sabolčák, though it was never released due to copyrighted music score.